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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

removing popcorn ceilings in Bergen County NJ

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popcorn ceiling removal

Unsightly popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn, or textured ceilings, were once all the rage, but not anymore! Now, it is an unsightly nightmare waiting to be taken down. Smooth is new new look, so we often get asked to remove popcorn ceilings, making way for a beautiful and more trendy, streamlined look.

The thing about popcorn ceilings is that they can be a real pain for someone inexperienced to fix. The tools needed to texture match take a seasoned professional to really get right. Also, if your ceilings are stained or damaged, there may be other measures we need to take, such as replacing drywall or skim coating the area.

Lastly, removal of textured ceilings is a huge mess! So we make sure to properly protect all your surfaces, so none of your furniture or flooring becomes damaged in the process. This type of work is best left to our professional team, who knows exactly what precautions to take for every individual situation.

why remove popcorn ceilings?

Well, for starters they look really outdated. And they make a room look smaller and old. When we see popcorn ceilings we cringe, and you might too. So call the professionals today to get it taken care of and create a cleaner, more updated space.

- Dramatically update your room by brightening your ceilings

- Remove any unsightly stains or imperfections in the ceiling

- Make sure the job goes smoothly by working with professionals

Customers first

Our team of painters are outstanding in their craft and are the best in the business. We provide customized solutions for every job!

Professional Workers

We never use sub-contractors or temporary day labor. We employ only experienced and apprenticed professional painters.

Accurate assessment

We know there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a quote and timeline only to find out it was way off. We provide accurate start and finish dates and firm pricing.

Benefit of Choosing us

We have seen more popcorn ceilings than we care to in our day! And we don’t know how it was ever in style, but it was! So we know exactly the steps to take to remove the texture, quickly and efficiently. Our professional team will set up and clean up and you will be left with a completely new and improved space!

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Responsible and punctual


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