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Decks - painting, sealing and power washing

Painting or staining your deck can make a world of a difference. You can transform your outdoor space with a simple change. The key is to choose the right material or color combination for your deck. Our expert deck painters can help you decide if you want to choose a stain or paint.

Choosing a paint or stain does not just come down to preference. Different finishes are better suited for different types of decks. If your deck is close to the ground and has suffered bouts of peeling paint in the past you may want to opt for a stain. If your deck is lofted higher and has more airflow you may want to go for a painted deck. Often the moisture that gets trapped below low decks can cause paint to deteriorate quickly.

If your deck has seen better days and has splintered wood or gaps between the boards you may want to consider something different altogether. Something a little bit more durable that adds color and protection, but also aims to correct flaws. These are a type of thicker stain meant to cover up flaws that have been brewing for years.

Overall, a deck is meant to be a place to enjoy your life outdoors, and if there is peeling paint or unsafe conditions, it makes the whole experience terrible. Call in the professional deck painters and transform your outdoor space today!

maintenance service for decks

Decks can last a long time, but they do need some upkeep once in a while. If your deck is not hazardous and would be fine with a paint job, then please give us a call so we can come take a look.

- Increase the look and feel of your property

- Efficiently cover stains or wear and tear

- Start fresh with a new, updated color palette

Customers first

Our team of painters are outstanding in their craft and are the best in the business. We provide customized solutions for every job!

Professional Workers

We never use sub-contractors or temporary day labor. We employ only experienced and apprenticed professional painters.

Accurate assessment

We know there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a quote and timeline only to find out it was way off. We provide accurate start and finish dates and firm pricing.

Benefit of Choosing us

Your deck is probably the place you spend the most outdoor time, so why neglect it? We have a ton of experience working with decks in the Northeast and have seen all their flaws. We do our best to cover imperfections and make your deck look bright and inviting again!


Over 25 years of experience


Qualified and professional team members


Only quality products used


Quick turnaround time so you can begin using your deck again