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Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

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Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Are your cabinets looking old or dated? Could it be time for a new color or finish to bring a modern touch to your kitchen? Our cabinet painting services can completely transform your cabinets in a short amount of time. We always make sure to keep your vision in mind as we completely transform your kitchen without the hassle of a total remodel. Not to mention less of an expense.

As professionals in the industry with over 25 years of experience, we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to cabinet repainting. Our main goal is to provide high-quality results that will last a long time and will make your kitchen feel fresh and new again.


  1. Preparation – Thoroughly prepping the area is extremely important to the success of any paint job. We check all your existing cabinets to see if they need any repairs or replacements. Making sure this part of the job is done right will ensure your freshly painted cabinets will look great and last for years.
  2. Taping – The next step is to protect the surrounding areas from paint and debris. The last thing we want is your floors or freshly painted walls to get more paint on them. Proper taping will also provide clean lines and prevent any imperfections in your newly painted cabinets.
  3. Sanding and cleaning – One of the most important parts cabinet painting is sanding and cleaning. Any sand or debris that is left over can create marks in the paint and will make your paint job less than flawless. Our crew knows exactly how to provide a clean surface for fresh paint.
  4. Priming – depending on the finish that you want we will choose a primer that works great with it. We always make sure to do exactly what it is that the finished product you require needs. The right primer will make sure the paint sticks to the cabinet and will not soak into the wood over time.
  5. Application – The process of applying paint or stain is a job best left for the professionals. We know exactly how much to coat the cabinets with and how long to wait in between coats. The finished product should be seamless as if they were brand new.
  6. Clean up – when we are done with your project we will make sure the area is left completely clean. The doors will be replaced and hardware secured. When the job is finished there should be nothing left for you to do but admire our work.

Why Refinish or Paint Cabinets?

A total remodel can costs thousands of dollars and leave you without a functional kitchen for weeks or months. Cabinet refinishing and painting can get you back into your kitchen in a few short days, eliminating headaches and frustration for your family.

- More time spent in your home!

- Less overall mess and frustration

- Less materials in a landfill by using what you have

Customers first

Our team of painters are outstanding in their craft and are the best in the business. We provide customized solutions for every job!

Professional Workers

We never use sub-contractors or temporary day labor. We employ only experienced and apprenticed professional painters.

Accurate assessment

We know there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a quote and timeline only to find out it was way off. We provide accurate start and finish dates and firm pricing.

Benefit of Choosing us

DIY projects often end up with less than desirable results. What may start as an exciting adventure may end up as a bigger hassle. You may end up with cabinets that have blemishes or streaks and don’t look new at all. Depending on the paint product that you choose, you could be using one that will fasde or discolor over time. This is a job best left for experienced professionals!


We will leave your cabinets beautiful and durable


We use the newest products and technologies


Our finishes can be customized to your liking


We will make sure your surrounding area are protected from harm